Eat Local!

Interested in getting fresh, local food straight from the farmer? Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)!

A CSA allows a consumer to pay money directly to a farmer in exchange for a weekly or monthly box of fresh, in-season produce. Some farms also offer CSAs for meat and poultry, dairy, and eggs.

A CSA is a wonderful way for people to support a local economy and receive significantly higher quality foods then they can buy in any supermarket.

For a list of Middle-TN farms with CSAs, go to… 

Check Out:

The Nashville Foodscapes Facebook page

We have a Facebook page with pictures of past and present projects, along with tips and advice for your foodscaping adventures.

Urban Green Lab

Urban Green Lab Logo Urban Green Lab…Nashville’s first urban sustainability community education center!

Another Avenue

Another AvenueAnother Avenue...a wonderful non-profit focused on bringing fresh, healthy food and nutritional education to food deserts in Nashville.

Our friends that also do Foodscaping

These are friends of ours doing foodscaping in other parts of the United States. If you or someone you know live where they are located, contact them. They create beautiful yards full of food and fun.

Edible Yard and Garden - Decatur, GA and Asheville, NC

Tallahassee Food Gardens - Tallahassee, FL