Who We Are


Nashville Foodscapes connects people with their food by growing food where people live, yard-to-table style. We achieve this by offering creative food solutions through landscaping. We create custom designs of our clients’ yards, homes, and living spaces allowing food to be grown in a way that pleases the eyes and taste buds: a fusion of aesthetics and function in a landscape. 





In times like these, it’s easy to fall into a scarcity mindset & forget that inequality abounds. Many live everyday without access to clean food & water, as well as shelter & safety.  If we take a moment to look around, it’s easy to see nature’s gifts… whether it’s dandelions poking through cracks in the sidewalk or a garden full of lettuce & strawberries. From berries & bees to flowers & frogs, our ecosystems are overflowing with goodness for all to share. Because collectively, we have everything we need to thrive.

Abundance is about embracing the overflowing goodness of our collective efforts.  With an abundance mindset, we realize by sharing bounty, more is created. In the spirit of mutuality and respect, let’s build the sharing economies we need to live well, now & in the future. 



In times like these, we see more clearly the reality that we are deeply interconnected. Our actions have profound impact & their implications spread like ripples on water in a pond. Let’s make sure our impact is generative, empowering, & contributes to the healing of our ecosystems & our neighborhoods. Because collectively, we have everything we need to thrive. 

Reciprocity is giving in a way that recognizes our connection. Reciprocity is acknowledging that when we give, we receive & the cycle continues on & on. In the spirit of mutuality & respect, let’s help each other manifest what we need to live well, now & in the future.



In times like these, it’s easy to see where our communities are not prepared for drastic change. While it’s true we’re experiencing difficulties on a scale many of us couldn’t have imagined weeks ago, it’s also true that this is an opportunity to strengthen our communities and neighborhoods and prepare for whatever may come. Because collectively, we have everything we need to thrive. 

Resilience is our capacity to adapt and respond to disturbance or rapid change in ways that turn problems into solutions. Resilience is a practice that prompts us to engage the world with an abundance mindset and a heart full of reciprocity. In the spirit of mutuality and respect, let’s strengthen our bonds and build the resilience we need to live well, now and in the future. 



12 Principles of Permaculture



What We Do

Our services include consultation, design, installation, and maintenance of a variety of foodscapes, from a garden bed to grow your favorite veggies to an integrated forest garden with fruit trees, fruit shrubs, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and mushrooms, and more! Our designs integrate a wide variety of edible, medicinal, and useful plants that work together to feed our clients and the earth.


We believe that our practices and labor go beyond “sustainable” and “organic.” Instead of creating spaces that just sustain, we strive to create systems that are regenerative to the earth, the community, and the individual person. We use absolutely nothing with the word “-cide” in it (pesticide, herbicide, etc.); our fertilizers are about as natural as they get. We source our materials and plants from local businesses to provide the best possible service to our clients and the earth.


Our greater vision is to work with diverse communities to build community food security and food sovereignty. We’re working to redistribute a portion of our profits to a Community Fund that will improve access to our services. Everyone should have easy access to healthy, fresh, affordable, culturally-appropriate, beautiful food.

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