Elizabeth Collins

Maintenance Assistant Project Manager

 One generation removed from farming, I am the offspring my grandfather hoped for, born a few decades too late to inherit the strawberry fields in Spring Hill. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I realized how much farming was in my dna. After college, I managed a small farm’s CSA outside of Murfreesboro for several seasons; tilling, planting, weeding, harvesting, packaging and delivering organic vegetables. As the sole farm hand, my close relationship to the land,food and community created the foundation of who I am today. I shifted from seasonal farm work to outdoor education then social work before spending several years working in and managing produce departments, despite knowing I needed to be outside, hands in the dirt. I returned to outdoor work at the first unique opportunity. As a goatherd, I spent several years leading brush clearing jobs with 10-60 goats at a time and handling general farm management as we had over 100 animals on the farm near Watertown. Another experience that solidified my truth, that I am bound to the land and grateful for the chance to shape it with my hands. I transitioned to landscaping, where my understanding of the relationships between the earth, plants, and humans could deepen. Then I found my way to Nashville Foodscapes where the opportunity for personal and professional growth is as abundant as the strawberry fields I grew up in.