Jonathan Moody

Installation & Maintenance Crew

I am a Nashvillian who came into gardening through a love of folkways and the natural world. My interest in American folk music and folklore grew to include Latin America as I majored in Spanish at the University of the South. While I got my Master’s of Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt, my focus became indigenous cultures. Throughout my studies both here and abroad, it became increasingly clear to me that one of the most important foundations of any culture is learning how to grow food. I am proud to be a part of the installation and maintenance team so that I can keep learning and sharing this important knowledge with others.

When I am not working for Nashville Foodscapes, my wife and I run a tiny house Airbnb which sits in our backyard in South Nashville. By turning our yard into a native woodland garden, we strive to offer visitors a way to connect with the natural world while visiting Nashville.