Perter Burns

Installation Project Manager

Born and raised in Natchez, MS as a child I would spend hours of imaginative play climbing the branches of a mighty magnolia tree, daydreaming under the spanish moss covered live oaks, and collecting more pecans than we could possibly eat. I moved to Boone, NC to study sustainable development and renewable energy technologies at Appalachian State University where I spent most of my time (when not in class) exploring the myriad of national forests in the Blue Ridge, floating in the cool streams, and leaping from every waterfall with a safe landing I could find.

My love of nature and study of sustainable development called me to focus on regenerative agriculture. I moved to Nashville in 2010 to begin an internship at Bells Bend Farms not realizing at the time that I would come to call this community home. I spent the next decade honing my skills and knowledge base in regenerative agricultural practices working on several farms in the Bells Bend community. I serve as the treasurer of the Bells Bend Conservation Corridor and help facilitate our Food Security Program connecting our community of farmers with local food banks as well as our Farmer Development Program providing funding for farmers to expand their knowledge and skills in sustainable agriculture.

I am thrilled to work with Nashville Foodscapes to bring pollinator gardens, food forests, veggie gardens, and beautiful landscapes to the broader Nashville community. Our Gardens for All program and work with community gardens gives me hope that we can work towards true food justice, increasing access, security, and sovereignty in our local community. I am excited to be part of a worker coop increasing workplace democracy and solidarity economics in Nashville and the southeast!