Rudy Dillon

Maintenance Department Manager/Worker-Owner

I came into the love of gardening & growing food backwards, through my experience working at local restaurants that partnered with small farms. Seeing the beauty & art that could be created with lovingly grown vegetables led me on a winding path to my first couple of seasons working for Tallahassee May at Turnbull Creek Farm, as well as a part time job at a small landscaping company. During this time I also learned alongside my partners in a small community land project where we grew food, medicinal plants and flowers. I eventually found that home gardens are my passion and became the full-time Head Gardener for my previous employer. After 5 years of working professionally with various forms plants through landscaping, herbalism, flower farming, vegetable farming and indoor plant installation, I am thrilled to now be the Head of the Maintenance Department at Nashville Foodscapes. In this position I am fortunate enough to pursue not only my passion for beautifying private landscapes, but my desire to see worker justice, diversity, equity and accessibility in farm and garden culture.