RuthAnn Dillon

Maintenance & Nursery Manager


I came into the love of gardening & growing food backwards, through my experience working at a local restaurant that partnered with small farms. Seeing the beauty & art that could be created with lovingly grown vegetables led me on a winding path to my first couple of seasons working for Tallahassee May at Turnbull Creek Farm. Learning from Tallahassee (a heart-full & skilled grower!) & alongside my partners in a small community land project, I have stepped fully into what now feels like my life’s work: nurturing a relationship with plants, sharing food, & learning from nature.

I have been landscaping and farming for 3 years and especially love working with native perennials. I also adore growing cut flowers flowers, medicinal herbs and making delicious ferments with homegrown vegetables. I’m passionate about fostering equity, diversity, and accessibility in farm and garden culture. I love my dog Bennie.