Gardens For All

Help a neighbor. Strengthen our community.

1. Donate to the Community Fund!

2. Buy a raised bed garden & add a donation to your purchase!

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What is Gardens for All? Why now?


Gardens for All is a program that helps people grow food in their yards by getting fast-tracked access to our standard cedar raised beds.


We’ve always worked with the conviction that our role in the food movement is to help people grow food at home, yard-to-table style. As the COVID-19 pandemic creates anxiety around the world, economies are struggling and supply chains are being disrupted. We believe we will rise out of this time of uneasiness and find a new normal. Part of that new normal is the localization of economies, food systems, and communities. With many folks spending more time at home, it only feels appropriate to encourage everyone to grow a home garden! Supporting urban agriculture is “essential” to building the resilience we need to provide for ourselves. With countless gardens around Nashville (as well as supporting the efforts of local farms), we can at least ensure that we will have ample produce to feed our families & neighborhoods.


All orders include a built cedar raised bed of your choice, soil, amendments, plants (and/or seeds), and installation. Before ordering, please make sure that there is a clear and open space in your yard. Submit your order today and we’ll schedule your installation as soon as possible!

How does this purchase help a neighbor?


Each product has a “minimum price” and a “suggested price” listed. Every dollar that you spend over the “minimum price” will be allocated to our community fund. The Community Fund will provide access to garden beds to community members who are unable to afford them. If you cannot afford any of these options, please contact us at to learn more about the community fund process.