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Hexagonal Veggie Bed – Single

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Inspired by the bee’s honeycomb, this hexagonal-shaped raised bed is perfect for a small backyard pollinator garden. The bed is made out of locally-sourced eastern red cedar, which is grown and milled here in Tennessee. The natural oils of the cedar make it rot-resistant and will sustain the elements for decades to come! The bed will be planted with an assortment of seasonally-appropriate veggie plant starts and/or seeds.


Price includes: one hexagonal-shaped raised bed (8 inches tall), raised bed construction, on site installation, soil, soil amendments, veggie seeds & plant starts, and taxes. Please make sure there is a clear and open space in your yard. Additional delivery fee for locations over 20 miles from 5511 Clarksville Pike, 37080. Additional installation fee for locations that require grading and brush clearing.


Note: Each item has a “minimum price” and a “suggested price” listed. Before you can add an item to your cart, you’ll need to “name you price.” Every dollar that you spend over the “minimum price” will be allocated to our community fund. The “Gardens for All” community fund will provide access to garden beds to community members who are unable to afford them. If you cannot afford any of these options, please contact us at gardensforall@nashvillefoodscapes.com to learn more about the community fund process.