Creative food solutions through landscaping
Think yard-to-table. That's what we do.
We exist to inspire people to imagine their yards as dynamic ecosystems that can nourish our communities. By creating custom designs, we cultivate yards that please the eyes and taste buds: a fusion of aesthetics and function in a landscape. 
Yard to table?
Let's do that.
Out services is consultation, design, installation, and maintenance.
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Check out what our clients have to say!

Inspiring Results

I was telling a friend the other day about the pond you installed in my yard. When I sit by the pond, I go into a meditative state and get away from everyday life's challenges. The ground cover has not only made the area beautiful with it's amazing blooms, but also almost completely weed free!

Excellent Support

The medicinal plants not only are beautiful, but with your teachings I have the knowledge to use them!

Satisfied Clients

The bamboo grove gives me such beautiful privacy. The fruit and nut trees give me hope for the future of self sustaining. The new garden raised beds are ready to plant with vegetables needing a minimum of care!

Great Employees

The employees have always been friendly, professional, and fun to be with. I like that!! Thank you for what you do!